Urania fulgens

DISTRIBUTION: Central America.
TYPE LOCALITY: unknown to me.
BELIZE RECORDS: Maya Beach; Placencia (John V. Calhoun).
METHOD OF IDENTIFICATION: illustrated in colour in Seitz (1925) pl. 138, fig. b1.
NOTES: this species is given to extensive migration throughout the Americas at certain times of year, consisting of large numbers of individual specimens all flying in the same direction over the course of many days. Meerman & Boomsma (1997) give an interesting account of one such migration northward through Belize in August 1995. It is not known whether this species is resident in Belize, or merely passing through. Its larval foodplant, Omphalea spp. is apparently not known in Belize (Meerman & Boomsma, 1997). The specimen illustrated here was captured by John V. Calhoun at Placencia, Stann Creek District, on 20th September 1998 during one such migration.