Matthew Barnes in Belize

Matthew J. C. Barnes, 42, has degrees in zoology, entomology and tropical agriculture from Oxford, London and Reading Universities. He has studied moths for most of his life and has collected throughout Europe; southern, central and eastern Africa; the Indian Ocean islands and the Far East. In the New World tropics he has collected and studied moths in Central and South America and in Jamaica (where he used to live) and in all of the major islands of the Eastern Caribbean between Anguilla and Grenada - in many cases on several occasions.

Although his daytime job is tutoring in biology in Oxford, U.K., his first love is tropical entomology, wildlife and conservation. With this in mind he is constructing a small hotel and field studies centre at Maya Beach, near Placencia, in Belize, Central America, to which - money permitting - he hopes to decamp permanently at some stage in the near future.

Most insects are in the tropics and most entomologists are in the temperate zone - by moving to Belize he hopes to do his bit to rectify this imbalance.