Composia credula

Distribution: Jamaica; Hispaniola; Puerto Rico; Virgin Is.; South (and Central?) America.
Type locality: ‘Antilles’.
Synonyms: Noctua sybaris Cramer 1775.
Source of record: in Gowdey collection, I.O.J. Tom Turner (pers. comm.) notes this species to be "day flying - locally common - usually coastal in dry limestone areas, eg. Trelawny, St. Andrew".
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by Watson & Goodger (1986) pl. 2 fig. 24.
Notes: The illustrated specimen is one of a specimen at the I.O.J. in Kingston which I photographed in 1988. The larva of this species is described by Dyar in Ins. Insc. Men. 2; 62, according to Forbes (1930).