Cosmosoma auge

Distribution: southern USA; central America; south America; Jamaica; Puerto Rico and Virgin Is. (replaced in the lesser Antilles by C. demantria, with which it has been confused).
Type locality: unknown to me.
Synonyms: Cosmosoma omphale Hubner 1827; Cosmosoma melitta Moschler 1877.
Source of record: I.O.J. collection; M.J.C.B. collection.
Method of identification: adult illustrated in colour by Seitz (1925) pl. 13, fig. c1.
Notes: the larval foodplant is given as Mikania scandens by Hampson (1898) p. 228, and as Mikania spp. by Forbes (1930). The life history is detailed in Dyar (1896) Psyche 7; 414-415.