Eupseudosoma involuta

Distribution: southern USA; South and Central America; Jamaica; Cuba; Puerto Rico; Guadeloupe; St. Lucia.
Type Locality: Surinam.
Synonyms: Charidea nivea Herrich-Shaeffer 1855; Eupseudosoma niveum Grote 1866; Euchaetes immaculata Graef 1887; Eupseudosoma floridum Grote 1882; Eupseudosoma nivea Gundlach; Eupseudosoma involutum Dyar 1900.
Source of record:I.O.J. collection.
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by Kimball (1965) pl. 3, fig. 33.
Notes: this may not be one species throughout its range, as the amount of red on the abdomen varies considerably. The illustrated specimen is a Jamaican specimen from Bernard Lalanne-Cassou's collection . This species is quite rare in collections from the Eastern Caribbean, where I have only found it in primary rainforest