Pareuchaetes insulata

Distribution: Southern USA; Central America; northern South America; Cuba; Hispaniola; Jamaica; Puerto Rico.
Type locality: Jamaica.
Synonyms: Pareuchaetes affinis Grote 1866; Pareuchaetes cadaverosa Grote 1866; Pareuchaetes cadavessa Druce 1884; Cycnia insulata; Euchaetes insulatus Druce 1897; Pareuchaetes arravaca Jordan 1916 (incorrect synonymy).
Source of record: I.O.J. collection. M.J.C.B. collection.
Method of identification: illustrated in black and white by Kimball (1965) pl. 9, fig. 24 (as 'Cycnia insulata') and by Cock and Holloway (1982) fig. 1 (male genitalia).
Notes: the paper by Cock and Holloway (1982) corrects the taxonomic confusion of this species with related species (not found in Jamaica) which can only be separated by genitalial dissection.