Symphlebia jamaicensis

Distribution: Jamaica only.
Type Locality: Jamaica.
Source of record: Jamaica is Type Locality.
Method of identification: melanic form illustrated by Watson (1971) pl. 16c (adult) and pl. 231a (female Type genitalia). Photograph of specimen in Rick Johnston collection identified by John Rawlins (pers. comm.) as the normal, non-melanic form of this species.
Notes: the melanic form of this species is illustrated in black and white by Watson (1971) on plate 16c. It is described as "forewing light yellowish brown with white and greyish brown markings. Thorax and head light yellowish brown. Hindwing light orange. Dorsal surface of abdomen brownish orange anteriorly, light yellowish brown posteriorly and ventrally". The black and white image of the melanic form given here is modified from Hampson (1901) p. 23, text fig. 13. The non-melanic form illustrated here was only realised recently to be the same species (John Rawlins, pers. comm 2001). It had previously been thought to be a new, undescribed species for Jamaica.