Nepheloleuca politia

Distribution: southern USA; Central and South America; Antilles.
Type locality: Surinam.
Synonyms: Eulepidotis politaria Hubner 1823; Phalaena politata Fabricius 1781; Urapteryx politiata Guenee 1858; Nepheloleuca politia atomaria Dyar 1914; Nepheloleuca politia illiturata Guenee 1858 (as species).
Source of record: listed by Gowdey (1926); M.J.C.B. record.
Method of identification: my specimens kindly identified by M. Claude Herbulot, Paris.
Notes: it is possible that the related species N. complicata Guenee may also be present as it is found throughout the region. According to Schaus (1940) it differs from politia by having a black point in the angle of the hindwing.