Aclytia heber

DISTRIBUTION: S. & C. America; Cuba; Trinidad.
TYPE LOCALITY: unknown to me.
BELIZE RECORDS: Greenhills; Pook's Hill.
METHOD OF IDENTIFICATION: adult illustrated in black and white by Hampson (1898) page 457, text fig. 245 and in colour by Seitz (1925) plate 23, figs. f1 and f2. Also by comparison with identified specimens from French Amazonia in my own collection.
NOTES: this identification seems to be reliable - the species is quite distinctive. Male A. heber can be separated from A. punctata (spotted forewing form) by the white forecoxae and ventral abdomen in punctata and the yellow forecoxae and ventral abdomen in heber. A. heber lacks the orange-red spots found on the tegulae and neck of the next species, ventralis.