Amplicincia mixta

Distribution: Jamaica only.
Type locality: Claremont, St. Ann, Jamaica.
Synonyms: Aemene mixta Kirby 1892; Cincia pallida Hampson 1900 (nec Butler) in part.
Source of record: Field (1950) recorded 12 specimens from three parishes.
Method of identification: illustrated by Moschler (1886) fig. 4. Male and female genitalia illustrated by Field (1950). This species can be separated from the other Amplicincia species by the yellowish scales scattered over the forewings, giving it a greenish appearance.
Notes: Until the revision of Field (1950) this species was lumped together into the two species Cincia conspersa and Cincia pallida - the two 'species' recorded by Gowdey (1926) from Jamaica. They can only easily be separated by genitalial dissection