Episcepsis sp. (lenaeus?)

Distribution: Central and South America; Cuba; Jamaica (?)
Type locality: unknown to me.
Source of record: this record is based on a photograph (the one used here) sent to me by Tom Turner of a specimen from Port Henderson, St. Catherine in the Institute of Jamaica collection.
Notes: I sent a copy of the photograph of this specimen to Julian Donahue in California who opined that if the fore-coxae were pink/orange it was probably lenaeus and if they were white it was probably thetis. Unfortunately by the time I had this information, the specimen had been returned to the IOJ and I was unable to ask Tom Turner to examine its coxae. On the basis that the N.H.M.L. collection has specimens of E. lenaeus from Cuba, it seems probable that this will also be the species from Jamaica. To confuse the issue Tom Turner (pers. comm.) has two specimens of his own, which he describes as "old" in which the fore-coxae are "like the rest of the legs, brown - could have been pink/orange but probably not white". These may be faded specimens of lenaeus or another (undescribed?) species. One of Tom Turnerís specimens has "a wing deformation indicating it emerged damaged" which suggests this species, at least, breeds on the island.