Horama panthalon

Distribution: central South America (ssp. viridifusa); southern USA and northern Central America (ssp. texana); Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles and northern South America (ssp. panthalon).
Type locality: West Indies.
Synonyms: Mastigocera tibialis Butler 1876; Horama serena Schaus 1924; Horama stoneri Lindsey 1926.
Source of record: Not listed by Gowdey (although there are two specimens in his collection in the Institute of Jamaica and one in the Institute of Jamaica main collection).
Method of identification: illustrated in black and white by Dietz & Duckworth (1976) pl.1, figs. 3,4 & 5 (adult) and figs. 3 & 15 (male and female genitalia).
Notes: The illustrated specimen is one from Guadeloupe in my collection.