Aellopos fadus

Distribution: Southern USA to Uruguay; Antilles.
Type locality: Surinam.
Synonyms: Macroglossum annulosum Swainson 1822; Macroglossa balteata Kirtland 1851.
Source of record: Cadiou (pers. comm., 1988).
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by d'Abrera (1986) p. 115.
Notes: according to Cadiou (pers. comm., 1988) "in the B.M. from Cuba and Haiti. M. cary mentions its presence in Jamaica". The record for Aellopos gehleni Closs 1922 by Schreiber (1978) is almost certainly wrong as Schreiber tended to rely upon identifications as being correct and this species is from South America, with a Type Locality of Bolivia. The illustration is modified from Seitz (1925) pl. 98B, pl. f3.