Cocytius antaeus ssp. antaeus

Distribution: (ssp. antaeus) Greater Antilles, Bahamas; (ssp. medor) Florida to Uruguay.
Type locality: Jamaica.
Synonyms: Sphinx jatrophae Fabricius 1775; Sphinx hydaspus Cramer 1777; Sphinx medor Cramer 1782; Amphonyx tapayusa Moore 1883; Cocytius henrici Pinchon 1969.
Source of record: Schreiber (1978); Gowdey (1926); Carey (1951).
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by d’Abrera (1986) p. 22 and by Hodges (1971) plate 1, fig. 4. N.B. Can be separated from the closely related C. duponchel Poey as antaeus has toothlike projections from the terminal shading into the hyaline spaces between the hindwing veins which duponchel lacks.