Enyo lugubris

Distribution: southern USA to Argentina; Antilles.
Type locality:Antigua.
Synonyms: Sphinx fegeus Cramer 1780; Sphinx phegeus Hubner 1819; Triptogon fegas Menetries 1857; Epistor luctuosus Boisduval 1875; Enyo lugubus Boenninghausen 1899.
Source of record: Schreiber (1978); Gowdey (1926); Jamaica is Type Locality of ssp. latipennis Rothschild & Jordan 1903.
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by d'Abrera (1986) p. 105.
Notes: d'Abrera notes that latipennis has broader wings and a less pronounced forewing apex than typical lugubris; however, he also notes that the typical form also occurs in Jamaica.