Erinnyis lassauxi

Distribution: Texas to northern Argentina; Antilles.
Type locality: Argentina.
Synonyms: Erinnyis merianae Grote 1865; Anceryx omphaleae Boisduval 1870; Anceryx janiphae Boisduval 1875; form impunctata Rothschild & Jordan 1903.
Source of record: Schreiber (1978); Gowdey (1926); Cadiou (pers. comm., 1989).
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by d'Abrera (1986) p. 99.
Notes: the illustrated specimen is typical lassauxi. In ssp. omphaleae, the form allegedly from Jamaica, the hindwing is more orangey in the central area and the overall appearance is paler .