Isognathus rimosus

Distribution: Arizona to N. Brazil; Antilles.
Type locality: Cuba.
Synonyms: Erinnyis menechus Grote 1865; Anceryx andae Grote & Robinson 1868; Anceryx silenus Grote & Robinson 1868; Anceryx excelsior Boisduval 1875; Isognathus inclitus H. Edwards 1887.
Source of record: Schreiber (1978); Cadiou (pers. comm, 1988).
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by d'Abrera (1986) p. 97.
Notes: the ssp. jamaicensis Rothschild & Jordan 1915 is allegedly endemic to Jamaica, although d'Abrera (1986) notes that this is an immensely varaible species througout its range with no one form being confined to a given area. The specimen illustrated here is from Belize.