Oospila confundaria

Distribution: Guatemala to Brazil; Greater & Lesser Antilles.
Type locality: Puerto Rico.
Synonyms: Racheolopha coerulea Warren 1906; Oospila coerulea aphenges Prout 1932; Racheolopha derasa Warren 1906; Oospila sesquiplaga Prout 1912.
Source of record: Cook & Scoble (1995).
Method of identification: illustrated in black and white in Cook & Scoble (1995) figs. 71 (adult) and figs. 142 & 196 (male & female genitalia). Also illustrated in colour as 'Phrudocentra derasa' by Seitz (1925) pl. 6, fig. h5. Illustrated in colour on the website by Herbulot in Lalanne-Cassou (internet) at the following URL http://www.inra.fr/Internet/Produits/PAPILLON/geometri/texteng/o_confun.htm
Notes: illustration is modified from Seitz (1925).