Sabulodes mucronis

Distribution: Jamaica only.
Type locality: Hardwar Gap, Jamaica.
Source of record: Rindge (1978) (Type Locality); M.J.C.B. collection.
Method of Identification: kindly identified for me by Dr. Frederick H. Rindge, A.M.N.H.
Notes: this genus is revised by Rindge (1978). The 'Sabulodes subopularia' listed by Gowdey (1926) from Jamaica is likely to be this species as Rindge lists subopularia from Cuba, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico only. The 'Sabulodes arenularia' Snellen listed by Moschler 1886 from Jamaica (a synonym for S. atropesaria Walker) is from Colombia and therefore likely, in fact, to be S. mucronis as well.