Synchlora frondaria

Distribution: southern USA; Central and South America; Greater & Lesser Antilles.
Type locality: French Guyana.
Synonyms: Eucrostis albicostaria Herrich-Schaeffer 1870; Nemoria denticularia Walker 1861; Synchlora excurvaria Packard 1873; Thalera minuata Walker 1866; Aplodes pallida Warren 1900.
Source of record: listed by Gowdey (1926).
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by Ferguson (1985) pl. 3, figs. 67-72 (adults) and text figs. 22c & d and 23i (genitalia). Illustrated in colour on the website by Herbulot in Lalanne-Cassou (internet) at the following URL
Notes: the illustrated specimen is from Nevis.