Agrotis subterranea

Distribution: tropical and subtropical America.
Type locality: 'Americae Meridionalis'.
Synonyms: Agrotis annexa Treitschke 1825; Agrotis anteposita Guenee 1852; Noctua lutescens Blanchard 1852; Agrotis decernens Walker 1857; Agrotis interferens Walker 1858; Agrotis blanchardi Berg 1882; Xylina lytaea Druce 1889; Agrotis interposita Maassen 1890; Euxoa williamsi Schaus 1923.
Source of record: M.J.C.B. collection.
Method of identification: my specimens kindly identified by Bernard Lalanne-Cassou, Paris. Illustrated in black and white by Kimball (1965) pl. 11, fig, 17
Notes: the larva is the 'Granulate Cutworm'.