Elaphria chalcedonia

Distribution: Canada; USA.
Type locality: 'Europe' (North America).
Synonyms: Celaena arna Guenee 1852; Celaena expuncta Walker 1857; Celaena irresoluta Walker 1857; Miana vincta Walker 1857; Hadena tracta Grote 1874.
Source of record: listed by Gowdey (1926) p. 64 (as 'Monodes chalcedonia'); M.J.C.B. collection.
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by Hampson (1909a) pl. 134, fig. 22.
Notes: given the normal raneg of this species this record seems unlikely. It is more than likely a misidentification for E. agrotina (which was synonymised with 'Celaeno arno' by a number of authors).