Hemeroplanis scopulepes

Distribution: North Carolina to Argentina; Lesser Antilles; Greater Antilles except Puerto Rico.
Type locality: 'England' (actually S.E. USA).
Synonyms: Scopelopus inops Stephens 1829; Hemeroplanis pyralis Hubner 1818; Hemeroplanis pyraloides Hubner 1823; Poaphila irrecta Walker 1865; Apicia denticulata Walker 1866; Coptocnemia floccalis Zeller 1872; Pleonectyptera geometralis Grote 1872.
Source of record: M.J.C.B. collection; Gowdey collection I.O.J. (?) ( as' Scopelopus scopelopus' (sic).
Method of identification: illustrated in black and white by Kimball (1965) pl. 18, fig. 21 (as'Hemeroplanis scopulaepes').
Notes: this group of species has been revised by Todd (1960).