Hypena abjuralis

Distribution: southern USA; Hispaniola; Jamaica (etc.?)
Type locality: New World Tropics.
Synonyms: Hypena scissalis Walker 1866; Anespischetos bipartita Smith 1900.
Source of record: M.J.C.B. collection.
Method of identification: my specimen kindly identified by Bernard Lalanne-Cassou, Paris. Illustrated in colour by Kimball (1965) pl. 5, fig. 27.
Notes: this speies has been synonymised by Schaus (1940) with H. lividalis Hubner 1796 and H perna Felder & Rogenhofer 1874 from Europe and India respectively and with H. conscitalis Walker 1865 from Indonesia, making this a nearly cosmopolitan species. Poole (1989) treats these all as separate species.