Neogalea sunia

Distribution: tropical America.
Type locality: St. Thomas.
Synonyms: Xylina esula Druce 1889; Neogalea braziliensis Hampson 1906.
Source of record: listed by Gowdey (1926) p. 63 (as 'Xylomiges sunia'); listed by Hampson (1909a) p. 274 (but N.B. - both may be misidentifications of Spodoptera albula (see below)).
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by Hampson (1909a) pl. 129, fig. 2.
Notes: this species was previously known as Neogalea esula Druce and had been misidentified as Spodoptera albula (= 'sunia') - which may also be present in Jamaica and is catalogued here - until the catalogue of Poole (1989) pointed out the error. The specimen illustrated here is from St. Martin in the Lesser Antilles.