Achyra bifidalis

Distribution: tropical and subtropical America.
Type locality: 'Americae insulis'.
Synonyms: Phlyctaenodes inornatalis Walker 1866; Eurycreon evanidalis Berg 1875; Eurycreon osoletalis Berg 1875; Phlyctaenodes orbitalis Hampson 1899 nec Felder & Rogenhofer 1875); Loxostege stolidalis Schaus 1940.
Source of record: Dr. Eugene Munroe (pers. comm. 1989).
Method of identification: adult and genitalia illustrated in black and white by Amsel (1954) pl. 102 figs. 3&4 (adult) and plate 55, fig. 6 (male genitalia) . Adult illustrated in colour by Munroe (1976) pl. 3, figs. 31 & 32.
Notes: the larva can be an economic pest on various crop species such as cotton in the tropics.