Achyra rantalis

Distribution: Canada to southern Mexico; West Indies.
Type locality: 'North America'.
Synonyms: numerous (see Heppner (1995), p. 55).
Source of record: Gowdey (1926) (as'Loxostege similalis' - a mis-spelling and mis-identification corrected to Achyra rantalis by Munroe (pers. comm.)).
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by Munroe(1976) pl. 3, figs. 20-25 (adult) and pl. E, fig. 4 and pl. P, fig, 4 (genitalia)
Notes: the larva is the 'Garden Webworm' - an economically important pest of a number of low crop plants including beans and peas, maize and cotton. The adult is extremely variable and has been described under at least 16 synonyms.