Diaphania hyalinata

Distribution: tropical and subtropical America.
Type locality: 'America'.
Synonyms: Phalaena Pyralis marginalis Stoll 1781; Pyralis lucernalis Hubner 1796; Phakellura hyalinatalis Guenee 1854; Pyralis sapillitalis Weyenbergh 1873; Phalaena Geometra hyalina Berg 1875.
Source of record:Gowdey (1926) (as 'Margaronia hyalinata').
Method of identification: illustrated in black and white by Amsel (1956) pl. 96, figs. 1 & 2.
Notes: as there are a number of very similar species in this genus genitalial dissection is required for 100% certainty of identification. The larva of this species is the 'Melonworm' - a pest of various cucurbit crops such as cucumbers. melons and squashes.