Pyrausta panopealis

Distribution: pantropical.
Type locality: China.
Botys coecilialis Walker 1859; Rhodaria probalis Walker 1859; Rhodaria ocellusalis Walker 1859; Rhodaria catenalis Walker 1866; Rhodaria juncturalis Walker 1866; Rhodaria concatenalis Walker 1866; Myriostephes heliamma Meyrick 1885.
Source of record: Gowdey collection, I.O.J..
Method of identification: illustrated in black and white (as'Pyrausta phoenicialis') by Amsel (1956) pl. 100, fig. 8 (adult) and pl. 52, fig. 1 (genitalia).
Notes: Munroe (pers. comm., 1989) informs me that the species given as 'Pyrausta phoenicialis' in Gowdey (1926) is almost certainly this species, as P. phoenicialis Hubner 1818 is North American.