My standard charge for online biology tuition for new students for the academic year 2020/21 is now Stg £75 per hour. There is a £10 per hour discount for tutorials scheduled before 3 pm (UK time) on weekdays. I do not teach before 11 am UK time or on Sundays. In the event that you can persuade me to teach before 11 am on weekdays it is at the full rate of £75 per hour. In the even more unlikely event that you can persuade me to teach at a weekend the rate is £80 per hour. The rates for existing students are held at the rate at which they joined for the duration of their course.

Yes, there are cheaper tutors, but none can offer 30 years of experience of the past papers and mark schemes.

As in everything in life, you pay for what you get - I can teach an entire A-level specification from memory. The many students and part-timers advertising as 'tutors' are likely to be much slower and less certain of what they are doing and may use terms inappropriate to the specific examination board you are taking. My use of a live interactive online whiteboard (requiring no download - only following an e-mailed link) gives you one of the UK's premier private biology tutors anywhere worldwide. It is also better than a face-to-face tutorial as there is no travelling or waiting time with associated costs and hassle. Taken overall I am confident that I represent better value for money than cheaper local tutors for those studying British GCSEs, A-levels and IB.

I put my money where my mouth is and offer a FREE initial consultation online (as long and as often as you need) and a FREE trial one-hour lesson. If you don't like what you experience then there is nothing to pay. You only pay if you carry on with the tuition

For those needing to do an entire A-level course 'from scratch' it usually takes me under 90 hours to teach the entire course. This usually works-out at under £6,500 (variable) and can usually be done in a year with just three lessons per week for three ten-week 'terms'. This compares very favourably with traditional private schooling where A-levels usually take two years.