The interactive online whiteboard that I use for online tuition currently is called Scribblar. The big advantage of Scribblar over other online whiteboards is that there is no need for a student download to use it - the student simply follows an e-mailed link to my Scribblar 'room' and they are in!

You can see Scribblar in action in my three-minute 'ONLINE BIOLOGY TUITION' VIDEO ON YOU TUBE at http://youtu.be/e5pH4VzyUFc (see below).

As you can see, the notes (which I have uploaded in advance) are in front of both tutor and student. Both myself and the student can scroll from page to page, and up and down on each page. Pointers can be used by both tutor and student to demonstrate points of interest and modifications can be made to the notes by both tutor and student using a variety of pen and other tools. What I see the student sees and vice-versa. I can talk to the student, and them to me, via Skype running simultaneously with Scribblar.

All of my online students agree that online tuition is exactly the same as face-to-face tuition, and in many ways better as there is no disruption or time lost due to going to and from tutorials and you get the BEST tutors, not just what is available locally. As with so many things in life you need to try it for yourself to see if you agree...which is why I offer a FREE initial consulation session for as long and as often as you wish (to find out exactly how I may help you, if at all) and a FREE one hour online trial tutorial. If you do not like it there is nothing to pay.

I won't start charging you until you are quite comfortable with the technology and, of course, in the unlikely event of web failure there is no charge.

When you make an appointment for your free trial one-hour tutorial I just send you an e-mail invitation to my 'room' (at 'Online Biology Tutor') and to my skype account at 'Mothmatt' and we are connected. It is as simple as that! I will be astonished if you try online tuition and do not like it. If you want to find out what others have said about online biology tuition please look at my ONLINE TEACHING TESTIMONIALS