I have taught biology at all levels from British Common Entrance (age 11) to biology undergraduates and mature students, but I am most comfortable with British A-levels in which I have enormous experience. I have taught A-level biology on the AQA, OCR, Edexcel, CIE and WJEC/Eduqas boards since 1989 and have extensive collections of past papers and mark schemes. For AQA, OCR and Edexcel these are arranged into booklets by topics on CD rather than by year. I have also taught on the IB, EB and the new pre-U.

My students include those still at school wanting extra help (an hour a week is the 'norm' although students can have as much or as little tuition as they want), students retaking examinations (either in one year or one term) and even students coming to me to do their complete A-level independently of any school. I get quite a few mature students wanting to do an A-level in biology quickly and painlessly in their own time for entry to nursing, physiotherapy, medical school and so forth.

My students vary in age from 15 up to 40!

I have been tutoring face-to-face in biology in Oxford since 1989 but have now phased this out in favour of totally web-based tuition and moved to Devon. Anyone with a broadband connection can get my many years of experience of biology tuition in the comfort of their own homes wherever they may be via the medium of Scribblar - an interactive online whiteboard, plus skype for sound. No download is needed for students to work with me on Scribblar. If you need to take an examination under the British system but live in an area where suitable resources are rare then I can help.

I am also a member of the THE ONLINE TUITION PORTAL, a consortium of highly-experienced independent tutors now offering online one-to-one tuition worldwide in most academic subjects.