Perigonia lusca - one of the
 20 or so species of Hawk Moths
(Sphingidae) found in the Grenadines.
This species is endemic to the 
islands of the Caribbean.


Cosmosoma hypocheilus
- a Tiger Moth (Arctiidae) 
endemic to St. Vincent & the 

A preliminary illustrated catalogue of the larger moths (macrolepidoptera) of the Grenadines.

By Matthew J. C. Barnes ( ).

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Some information about the Grenadines;
map; bibliography and links.   A selection of 9 of the most
beautiful moths from the Grenadines.   Know what you are looking for?
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All images were scanned in directly using a JVC TK-C1380E video camera, video capture board and home-built shadow-free lighting rig.

All text and images © M.J.C.Barnes 2002 (except where indicated)