Hyblaea puera

Distribution: pantropical where teak is grown.
Type locality: Surinam.
E. Caribbean records: Guadeloupe; St. Vincent.
Grenadines records: Union (Daudin, Oct. 1995, March 1997 & Sept. 1998); Mustique (ex Steve Gamble); Bequia, Quatre, Frigate (E.U. Exp. No's 48, 85 & 212).
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by Pinhey (1975) pl. 5, fig. 127; also by comparison with specimens in my collection from the Indian Ocean identified as this species by comparison with specimens in the Natural History Museum, London.
Notes: the larva is the 'Teak Leaf Roller' a pest of of Tectora ('teak') throughout the tropics. It is not now clear where the centre of origin of this species was. Misidentified in the Exeter University Expedition report as 'Hypocala andremona'.