Remigia repanda

Distribution: tropical America.
Type locality: West Indies.
Synonyms: Remigia megas Guenee 1852; Remigia remanens Walker 1858; Remigia alipes Felder & Rogenhofer 1874.
E. Caribbean records: Montserrat; Antigua; Dominica; Martinique.
Grenadines records: Bequia, Canouan, Union, Frigate, Mustique, Mayero, Palm (E.U. Exp., 92, 197, 215).
Method of identification: adult & genitalia illustrated in colour on website on French Antilles Lepidoptera by Zagatti, Lalanne-Cassou & Le Duchat d'Aubigny.
Notes: this species and Mocis latipes Guenee 1852 have been held to be in synonymy in the past although they are now recognised as separate species.