Cryptobotys zoilusalis

Distribution: southern USA; South and Central America; Antilles.
Type locality: Honduras.
Synonyms: Syngamia micromphalis Hampson 1912; Sylepta masculinalis Barnes & McDunnough 1913).
E. Caribbean records: Nevis; Montserrat; St. Kitt's; Dominica; Guadeloupe; St. Lucia; St. Vincent; Grenada.
Grenadines records: Bequia (E.U. Exp., No. 174).
Method of identification: compared with specimens in my collection from elsewhere in the West Indies kindly identified by Dr. Eugene Munroe of Ottawa. Also illustrated in black and white (as Herpetogramma (Lamprosema?) zoilusalis' by Amsel (1956) pl. 92, fig. 8 (adult) and pl. 38, fig. 4 (genitalia)