Diaphania costata

Distribution: Central and South America; Antilles.
Type locality: unknown.
Synonyms: Margarodes aurocostalis Guenee 1854; Margarodes imitalis Guenee 1854.
E. Caribbean records: Nevis; Monserrat; St. Martin; Guadeloupe; Grenada.
Grenadines records: Union (Daudin, Aug & Oct. 1995; July & Nov. 1997); Bequia, Mayero, Quatre, Battowia, Baliceaux, Mustique, Canouan, Union, Frigate, Petite Martinique (E.U. Exp., No's 7(?) and 23 ).
Method of identification: by comparison with specimens from elsewhere in the Caribbean which I have dissected and which match to the image of male genitalia of Diaphania costata given by Amsel (1956) pl. 46, fig. 2.