Spoladea recurvalis

Distribution: southern USA; Antilles.
Type locality: 'West Indies'.
Synonyms: Spoladea fascialis auct nec Cramer 1782; Nacoleia ancylosema Dognin 1909.
E. Caribbean records: Nevis; St. Martin; Montserrat; St. Kitt's; Antigua.
Grenadines records: Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Petite Martinique (E.U. Exp., No. 163).
Method of identification: by comparison with my specimens from elsewhere in the West Indies kindly identified by Dr. Eugene Munroe of Ottawa. Also illustrated in black and white by Kimball (1965) pl. 24, fig. 25 and by Amsel (1956) (as 'Hymenia fascialis') pl. 83, fig. 6 (adult) and pl. 26, fig. 2 (genitalia).