Autoplusia illustrata

Distribution: southern USA to Brazil; Antilles.
Type locality: Haiti.
Source of record: listed by Gowdey (1926) p. 67 (as 'Syngrapha illustrata').
Synonyms: Plusia egenalla Herrich-Schaeffer 1868; Plusia abeona Druce 1889; Plusia roxana Druce 1894.
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by Lafontaine & Poole (1991) pl. 1, figs. 19 & 20 (adult); pl. B, figs. 6 & 7; pl J, fig 7; text fig. 16.
Notes: this species is polymorphic, according to Lafontaine & Poole, with some specimens having a "dark. metallic bronze patch in the anterior 1/3rd of the subterminal area and a small dark patch along the middle of the ante-medial line".