Leucania latiuscula

Distribution: southern USA; South and Central America; Antilles.
Type locality: Cuba.
Synonyms: Heliophila subpunctata Harvey 1875; Leucania punctifera Moeschler 1880; Leucania senescens Moeschler 1890; Leucania tinila Schaus 1894; Leucania misteca Schaus 1898; Leucania orizaba Schaus 1898.
Source of record: listed by Gowdey (1926) p. 62 (as 'Cirphis inconspicua').
Method of identification: illustrated in colour by Hampson (1905a) pl. 93, fig. 20. Bernard Lalanne-Cassou, Paris, has identified some of my specimens from Jamaica as Leucania subpunctata Harvey 1875 and yet others as L. senescens but he does not synonymise these three species.
Notes: this genus is in the process of extensive revision by Dr. Morton S. Adams (in press) (John Rawlins pers. comm., 2001).