Tiracola grandirena

Distribution: Mexico to Venezuela; Cuba; Jamaica; Puerto Rico.
Type locality: Cuba.
Synonyms: Tiracola plagiata form magniplaga Draudt 1924; Tiracola plagiata form mediosuffusa Draudt 1924.
Source of record: M.J.C.B. collection; Todd & Poole (1980).
Method of identification: my specimens kindly identified by Bernard Lalanne-Cassou, Paris. Genitalia illustrated by Todd & Poole (1980) figs. 1, 2 and 3.
Notes: this group of species is revised by Todd & Poole (1980). This species was previously confused with t the related species T. plagiata Walker 1857, from the Far East. The name unipuncta - which also occurs in Jamaica - was previously applied to eight or nine species worldwide, including Ps. sequax.