Symphlebia sp. nr. alinda

NICARAGUA RECORDS: Somoto, San Lucas (J-M.M).
METHOD OF IDENTIFICATION: adult S. alinda is illustrated in colour by Hampson (1920) on pl. 43, fig. 20. The Type Locality is given as Mexico, and my specimen is a reasonable match to this illustration. The Holotype specimen of S. alinda in the United States National Museum is illustrated by Watson (1971) in fig. 3f (adult, black & white) and fig. 84e, f (male genitalia).
NOTES: my specimens from Belize and Nicaragua differ from the illustration cited above in details of wing-markings - especially the postdiscal spotting: my specimens have six spots, like the specimen illustrated in Hampson, and the Type of alinda has three - and, in the Belize specimens which I have dissected, in details of genitalia such as the shape of the valves and the penis. This may be one or more undescribed species.