Please enquire via my CONTACT FORM for my latest rates.

Rates depend upon time of day with discounts available for the less popular daytime slots and for more than one lesson per week.

Further discounts are now available until March 24th 2024 for complete blocks of tutorials paid in advance. For up to a term's worth (14 weeks) of tutorials paid in advance the discount is 10%. For up to a year's worth (42 weeks) of tutorials paid in advance the discount is 20%. No refunds are available for unscheduled cancellations on the student's part if fees are paid in advance.

I teach as normal over the Easter vacation and all bank holidays and half terms but take two weeks of vacation over Christmas.

Fortnightly classes are charged at a higher hourly rate and must be the last tutorial of the day.

I will teach groups of up to four students if you are able to organise them yourself. Please enquire about my rates.

Absences at less than 24 hours notice must be paid for in full, although in practice I allow one absence at short notice without charge.

There are cheaper tutors, but few can offer 34 years of experience of the past papers and mark schemes. The many students and part-timers advertising as 'tutors' after Covid are likely to be much slower and less certain of what they are doing and may use terms inappropriate to the specific examination board you are taking. I am confident that I represent better value for money than cheaper tutors

I offer a FREE initial consultation online (as long as you want) and a FREE initial one-hour tutorial. If you don't like what you experience then there is nothing to pay. You only pay if you carry on with the tuition

It usually takes me under 90 hours to teach an entire A-level 'from scratch'. This works-out at about £6,500 (variable) and can usually be done in a year with just three lessons per week for three ten-week 'terms'. This compares very favourably with traditional private schooling where A-levels take two years.