Most people use computers routinely and claim to be 'green'. Yet most tutorials still involve somebody getting into a car and going somewhere. With the technology now available to deliver tutorials online this is like lighting your home with oil lamps!

Everything that used to happen in face-to-face tutorials can now also happen in online tutorials. The tutor talks to the student (but via Skype) and the notes are in front of the student for both to look at and write upon (but via an interactive electronic whiteboard instead of a piece of paper). Meanwhile both are at home and relaxed.

No software download is required - the student just follows an e-mail link. The 3 mins 11 secs You Tube video below shows how it works.

As I change the page at my end the page also changes at the student's end (and vice-versa). We can both write on a page and what one sees the other sees in real time. The student can download the notes at any time (I also e-mail notes in advance so that they can have printed versions in front of them to write on in the tutorial if they wish).

Let's look at the advantages of online tuition over face-to-face tuition:

  • No having to drive your child around to a tutor's home and possibly wait while they are being taught.

  • No potentially intrusive tutor in your home if they come to you.

  • No burning-up of expensive and polluting hydrocarbons.

  • No risk of transmitting colds and other nasties.

  • The student is comfortable and relaxed as they are at home.

  • Tuition is far more focused and attention wanders far less in front of a computer screen (which is where many young people spend a lot of their time anyway!)

  • You get the nation's very best tutors as opposed to whoever happens to be available locally

95% of my students who have tried online tuition (and many were sceptical initially) have said that they prefer it. If you don't believe me, look at the numerous testimonials for online tuition on my online biology tuition website.

And you have NOTHING to lose by trying it. I am so confident that you will be happy with online tuition that I offer an initial one-hour trial tutorial. If you don't like it then you don't pay for it.